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26 Feb 2009 11:57

Flowers 3

14 Mar 2009 12:33

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14 Mar 2009 12:32

Welcome To Taylor's Place on the Web. Perhaps you had a special place when you were a kid that you could go to when you were afraid or hurt. A place where you knew you were safe. If you did not, I bet there were times when you wish you had one. Well, this is like that place. If you need a safe place on the web to talk about issues you are facing, drop in and sit a spell. You must register for an account to post here and also to read some of the forums. The accounts are free and you are welcome to sign up and join the group. Anyone abusing or violating the rules for this site will be booted without fanfare.

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Message From The Staff

Notice: None of the participants of this site are acting as professional healthcare givers. The members are encouraged to seek professional help in resolving problems that they might be dealing with. These forums are for discussion purposes only and are not meant to be taken as medical advise of any kind.